Pointless ABC VOY story

Alpha particles in a filament abyss,

Before they even realized the danger.

Chakotay clamping Tom's shoulder and

Delta waves rising in brains, inflicting dreams even the

EMH cannot heal. Deep in the ship in a

Fright room Seven opens her eyes.

Gamma rays paint a portrait of B'Elanna as she

Helplessly has to watch the engines' failure,

Impulse power their last hope.

Janeway folding her arms on the bridge, while in sickbay

Kes repeats her last lessons on Horta ears.

Limbic systems going down with the gel packs as

Maneuver six-o-alpha-Kirk is not enough to escape the

Nightmare that approaches loudly at the screen.

Only Kazon ships or Borg would have been worse.

Phasers blazing through space as last try, quilting

Quarks to bosonic chronitons in red whirls. The

Radiation making the front shields fail as

Subspace folds to bubbles around the

Titanium-layered hull of this descendent of

Utopia Planitia, and

Vorik kisses Neelix in Ten Foward.

When the Voyager falls into the black hole,

Xenon fills the bridge and

Yttrium spatters before reality

Zeros in as the dreamer in front of the TV set awakes.