Changing the Rules

"I thank you for your openness, David," Spock said, a dark silhouette against the red Vulcan evening sky. "What will you do now?"

"I will give myself over to the authorities," David replied hoarsely. "I never should've used protomatter in the first hand…I've caused so many deaths…and Saavik's."

Silence hung between them for a moment. Then Spock turned around.

"What good would it do? Would your conviction bring her or any other back to life? And how would your father take this news?"

David clutched his hands, lowering his head.

"For once, I will not ask for the honorable choice," Spock pursued, "but that you go on living. Learn from these experiences, and use your abilities to make better choices in the future."

"How can I simply go on, with her being dead?" David whispered into the shady room.

"There is nothing you can do to change the past," the Vulcan replied. "Leave now, for I need to mourn the daughter-of-choice who is lost to me." He turned away and David, knowing he was dismissed, left in silence.


For a second David held his breath in front of the stony ring, only now fully realizing that one step forward would make him bend the rules again in ignorance of the possible consequences. But he did what he had to do - paying back some of his debts to give the woman he had loved another chance.

"Forgive me, father," he said and stepped through the Guardian's frame right into the hell of Genesis to take her place.